Text missing from Add/Remove software app

I recently applied the plasma 6 upgrade. I now have no text showing in Add/Remove Software -

Is this fixable?


That’s the pamac GUI, which is written by way of gtk. It is therefore unrelated to Plasma, which is built upon qt. However, the change from Plasma 5 to Plasma 6 will probably have had an effect on the color scheme being used by gtk, so I would advise you to select a different gtk theme.

Open up System Settings and navigate to… :point_down:

Appearance & Style → Colors & Themes →Application Style → Configure GNOME/GTK Application Style

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Installing pamac-gtk3 can resolve similar issues.

sudo pacman -S pamac-gtk3

This should prompt you to replace pamac-gtk (4).

Whether this will solve you issue, I can’t say, however, this can be reverted easily using the same procedure pamac-gtk.

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Thanks! That fixed it.

What was it that fixed it?

For the benefit of those with similar problems who happen to find this thread, could you please be more specific?

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