Text editor with compare function

Does anyone know any text editor for linux that supports comparing two files?
On windows I’m using notepad++ with a plugin. I’ve tried notepadqq, but it does not support plugins. The genius thing about this plugin is that you see the two files side by side with diffs marked with colors and blank lines. (Running wine for a text editor sounds crazy)

Example screen shot:

Meld, or Kompare can do that easily but are not proper text editor like Kate, where you can also do that I think with some more advanced techniques.

Not really a complex text editor but I like meld to compare files. Might be an option depending on your use case.

Thanks. Meld works for what I need right now. It’s still a huge step down from notepad++ with plugin in the sense that you have to work with the file in two different programs.

Here you find many packages for file comparison:

List of applications/Utilities - ArchWiki

FYI, Notepad++ works fine with WINE if you can’t seem to give it up. There’s even a SNAP version… if you must. What a monstrosity that is.

Meld is a great option but beyond compare is probably the best. Unfortunately beyond compare isn’t free