Text Cursor is far off of selected text in some applications


I am having a odd issue in only some Applications, in this case with the text view popup in Double Commander.
If I want to mark a text in the text window it is far off the cursor. It works in Sublime Text, and the text selection in Double Commander works in XFCE too.
I’ll attach a screenshot(or not as I may not do anything in that department here), I’ll looked it up, but I think I failed to find the correct search string for that.

You see the cursor at the character “e” which is far right of the “to” which is selected.
Is there something I can do, or are some applications not fully compatible with KDE?
I am using it in x11 mode with the proprietary nvidia-518 driver.

It is a font issue - the application is configured to use a font that is not available.

I am using Plasma-X11 and Sublime Text - no issues.

With double commander - do you use the qt version?

I remember though - at some point (when I used Nvidia) there was something with Sublime Text but I think that was related to an app specific feature to utilize the GPU for some rendering.

It may - in certain cases - be caused by old or poorly coded themes.

no I am using the GTK version as I am using in XFCE too. If I am installing the QT Version, is it using the same settings file? So if yes, I would use the QT version in KDE and GTK one in XFCE.

Most likely it would.

I am using now the QT version, but it still have the same issue. I changed the fonts from “default” to noto sans and monospace like in the system settings, but the issue is still remaining