Texstudio xelatex xdvipdfmx bug?

I have a problem with TeXStudio on one of the machines I use with Manjaro.

The problem is as follows. If I try to compile using xelatex (from TeXStudio), the following error is generated:

xdvipdfmx:fatal: Unrecognized paper format: # Simply write the paper name. See man 1 paper and "paper --no-size --all" for possible values
Process exited with error(s)

and the PDF is not generated

If I compile from the command line, I can generate the PDF without problems.

I have already tried deleting the TeXStudio configuration in my home directory. Any suggestions?

There is a “Check LaTeX installation” in the Help menu. Maybe it tells you something interesting?

How are you compiling your document on the command line and how do you do it with TexStudio? Is it really using xelatex?

Yes, to all your questions.

I noticed that everything goes fine if I execute texstudio from command line.

Shell has the locale defined and perhaps XFCE has not the locate defined.

How can I configure XFCE with locale values?

Do you have a .profile file? Something changed in the last updates, that it is not sourced anymore.

Resolved. I installed english localization and I resolved (by XFCE Manjaro interface)

Sorry for the string in Italian.


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