[Testing Update] 2024-05-02 - Kernels, Firefox, GStreamer

Things were fixed, but there are some problems, for now even SDDM should boot on Wayland to fix its fractional scaling with multi-monitors setups.

Autologin was turned off after the update. I had to turn it back on. No biggie.

Also had issues with the sudden, forced, unexpected and unmentioned rollback to X11.
Some stuff that I use does not work on the X11 session.

I think that is also the reason why most are annoyed.


Well, that was possibly an exaggeration on my part, but when I saw the SDDM settings defaulted to “no autologin” (weirdly, it autologged after reboot), didn’t remember the type of session, I assumed that the config was gone or defaulted.

I only noticed the changed, because I don’t have scaling on X11, because I don’t use it, so everything became tiny, so my first thought was, what session am I on. Checked the KDE info and it was X11, which it shouldn’t be based on my configs.

Anyway, I minor issue, but still a surprise.

I think that Manjaro don’t expect how many KDE users switched to Wayland already. I did a year ago, still being on hybrid setup with Nvidia - it worked well, since the desktop was rendered by Intel anyway. Now I’m on AMD laptop, so it also works as it supposes to do.

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This is bad news for all Intel users. At least I would expect a small explanation in the update announcement how to stick to Wayland after updating.

Also, we are talking about testing branch, not stable. Shouldn’t we focussed here on bug fixing of latest technolgy? If only Nvidia is affected why not helping those how to stick to X11?

Again, is this really relevant for testing branch? I could understand this for stable branch.

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Testing is what will become stable eventually, thus the change.

I didn’t expect that changing the default preference will affect users who switched manually. I also use Wayland.

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I am a Stable branch user of KDE Wayland and I’m also concerned about the default session being changed.

When the Stable branch is eventually updated, on first reboot, will I be able to just choose a Wayland session at that point? Of course, I’ll have to remember to check. And would prefer that the default not be changed. :wink:

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It appears this update renamed the Plasma X11 session, breaking some things (such as last remembered session and autologin settings).
In my case to fix the autologin I had to edit the /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf file and do the following change:

--- original/etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf
+++ /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@

Stable users on Plasma 5 use the old session filenames (plasma.desktop for X11 and plasmawayland.desktop for Wayland), testing/unstable Plasma 6 users had the new one (plasma.desktop for Wayland and plasmax11.desktop for X11).

We just reverted the names back to Plasma 5 days so old users won’t switch to Wayland on update and new users will get X11 by default. So this change was specifically made so Plasma 5 users won’t feel any difference (X11 stays X11 and Wayland stays Wayland). I couldn’t even think that this will push existing Plasma 6 Wayland users to X11 (but now it sounds logical, yeah).

It’s good that we caught this behavior on testing. In future when we’ll make Wayland the default one we’ll consider doing some magic so people won’t switch to Wayland automatically on stable…


X11 timeout already started.

I’m not saying we’ll stay on X11 for another decade or so.


Good decision… i saw already people run into issue, because they had nvidia GPU and running into problem’s on Manjaro/KDE from a fresh Iso installation.

Default should be X11 till most problem’s are sorted out, you guys doing a great job with this changes, thank you :slight_smile:

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What issue and that’s Wayland’s fault how?

If every distro and various devs had this backwards mentality, then it would take another 100 years.

Plasma/Wayland Known Significant Issues

For your information. :sweat_smile:


X11 has much severe and unfixable bugs which no party is wanting to spend money or effort to fix them.

Wayland bugs are now being hammered by the whole KDE team with the help from other Linux/Wayland communities.

:joy: :joy:

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I honestly don’t undrstand how putting a lot of unaware users into a half-baked environment would help the development.

Which is really great but the X11 list you linked is like 2 times shorter than that of Wayland.


Every big project should always have a big list of opened bugs, if not then the project is not healthy because it doesn’t have a wide base of users, so it’s a technically dead project.

Bugs’ severity is not compared by the numbers, but if you have the means to make fixing them doable. For X11, no party/company is willing to pay for even patching that old dying beast.

They prefer to reinvent things with Wayland to gain more control while adding new features instead of wasting time debugging that complex code accumulated over years.


Thanks for the seizure warning. I’m glad I read the forum announcements.