[Testing Update] 2024-03-16 - Kernel, Calamares, Mesa, Plasma 6, KF 6, KDE Gear 24.04, LibreOffice

Whatever update is being released, I’m being met with this error in pamac;

conflicting dependencies:
- breeze5 and breeze are in conflict (breeze<5.27.80)

NOTE: PLEASE SEE philm’s post; “…don’t update yet.”

The github snippet is showing package versions from stable instead of previous versions from testing update 2024-03-08

Some incompatible widgets, but that was to be expected.

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Updated, and have to change SDDM theme. It’s OK. LatteDoc doesn’t load, it’s OK. But what happened to the possibility to view and change kernels? I cannot see it in System Settings menu anymore! And no opportunity to watch SystemD processes, timers (if needed). Why?

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But what happened to the possibility to view and change kernels? I cannot see it in System Settings menu anymore! And no opportunity to watch SystemD processes, timers (if needed). Why?

Some legacy KCMs are based on QtWidgets, however this is not recommended for new KCMs and it’s not possible to load these in plasma-settings .

for your information

New version of kvantum does not support QT5 theme for manjaro-settings-manager and audacious

Install new package kvantum-qt5 for QT5 theme support

pamac install kvantum-qt5

Manjaro-settings-manager has light theme instead of dark


First of all thank you for your work, guys.

I have few problems and decided to revert back to KDE5.

  1. Wayland is choppy. It is expected with my nvidia, so i had to use X (Any chance to make it work btw?).
  2. Missing icons at bottom right corner for network and everything else(sound, clipboard, etc) with BreezeTwilight theme.

I guess ill wait for a week or so before going to KDE6.


So, what was unique for Manjaro (the possibility to choose kernels from a list and change them) just disappeared. Sad.

However, you can continue to use manjaro-settings-manager alone. :joy:


I have an issue with service menus in KDE Plasma 6, they seem to show all entries instead of respecting what is configured/ticked in Dolphin Settings, for example I updated kf5-servicemenus-rootactions to kf6-servicemenus-rootactions, and it shows all possible actions even when I select none in Dolphin Settings. It does the same with other service menus it shows all entries.


Thanks a lot.

Users can also continue to use mhwd-kernel to manage kernels on any DE


After the update the “Date” column in KMail shows nothing at all.
This happens with any “Theme” (from View->Message List->Theme).
Tried on two different installations, same behaviour.

Upstream bug: 483782 – Kmail Message list does not show anything in "Date" column

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Shall I add to known issues that the mouse cursor (breeze white theme) disappears after the plasma 6 update?

  • Maybe it will appear again after restart? I haven’t tested.
  • Maybe there is another workround?

The Breeze cursor theme name changed from Breeze_Snow to Breeze_Light as far as I noticed.

Maybe. :wink:

Terrible mouse lags and one panel kept flashing and could not turn it off.

I had to roll back the update with Timeshift. Back to 5.27.11.

I switched to stable branch and added

IgnoreGroup = plasma to pacman.conf

Okay… Please create a new Support thread and provide more details. You’ve been around long enough to know the routine.

How are you going to find out what the problem was now?

That will put you in an unsupported, partial upgrade state once Plasma 6 hits the stable branch.

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I saw some regular, noticeable screen flashing and the only thing that made it go away (for me) was to set Adaptive Sync to ‘Never’ in KDE System Settings

My monitor supports Adaptive Sync, and it’s enabled on the monitor but I had to disable it via KDE—it was also making controlling my mouse impossible in games.

EDIT: I double checked, I had to disable the monitor setting as that was causing the mouse control problem.

EDIT 2: After enabling HDR I had to follow the original settings before the first edit; HDR on, Adaptive Sync enabled in monitor, ‘Never’ in KDE settings

7900XTX via DisplayPort, FWIW

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That could be an idea for manjaro-system package to symlink Breeze_Snow to Breeze_Light.



The update went through smoothly and fairly unspectacularly.
Had to change the theme, weather widget 2 is broken and icon-only taskmanager scales the icons extemely tiny when using small spacing.
The Nvidia driver under Wayland is better than before, but sadly still flickers like hell in Steam-client and games, so I still stuck with X11…

I have just stumbled across a problem…
Dolphin Custom actions error: not authorized to execute

Thanks to @Olli it’s solved.
It seems that the .desktop files must be executeable now!
I have just checked it in my backup. It was definitely not necessary before.

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