[Testing Update] 2021-09-23 - Nvidia 470.74, Mesa 21.2.2, ZFS 2.1.1, Networkmanager, KDE-Git

Just an observation in case it happens to anyone else. Halfway through the upgrade something happened to my fonts. Every character was replcaed with a 0, so you couldn’t read anything (apart from in the terminal). Logging out and back in when the upgrade finished fixed everything. This is on the cinnamon desktop


Same here. The layout of the dialogue seemed familiar, so I clicked where I usually do - it worked!

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is in message #2 " Known issues and solutions New issues:" freetype2

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For me, on GNOME, the window title of some applications were showing a lot of squares (unrecognized character). Beside that, it was ok.

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wayland-protocols was a new orphan for me, dropped by latest gtk3 - I removed it.

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tbh i read post 2 and either missed it or phil edited it after I updated. Probably me that missed it lol

Still no vhba module for kernel 5.15 in repositories. CDEmu for example doesn’t work.

sddm crashes upon boot…

When does the 470.74 Nvidia driver release?

It already has.

Nvidia 470.74 fixed many issues that the previous driver version had, specially with Cyberpunk 2077, so I’m happy with that update.

Hmm I haven’t got the update yet, I am still on 470.63.01

You’re on the Testing branch, of course?

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No I’m on the stable branch, when does it release on the stable branch and also how to I switch branch if I wanted to?

Its normally a week or so to go from testing to stable. There’s a guide in the wiki for switching branches


It will probably not go on Stable due to the G-Sync issue with this driver. If you want the driver it is there on Testing branch.


So is it being delayed until that is fixed?

Nvidia-utils just got bumped to 470.74-2 on testing branch so hopefully the G-Sync issue is fixed, not had chance to check yet

No it is the exact same driver, I don’t know why it has received another package revision but look at what is before the dash, it is the driver version, 470.74.

//EDIT: On a side note, there is a link in the announcement here, first post, to the thread regarding this issue with G-Sync on Nvidia forum. The problem has been fixed internally on Nvidia side.

So this will be updated on Unstable when released (no ETA), then Testing, then Stable branch.