[Testing Update] 2021-07-11 - Cinnamon, Linux513, Gnome 40.3, KDE-Git

Currently everything is working well except for two things:

  • fractional scaling still causes blur for xwayland apps (electron stuff, Webstorm, …)
  • pipewire started producing screetching sounds through my bluetooth headphones all of a sudden (which I’m not sure is related)

Everything else seemse to work pretty well, if not better than before.

Also. I have an optimus laptop and my external monitor seems to be working fine on HMDI :thinking:

@eugen-b, can you do a git-bisect between 1.20.11 and 1.20.12? You can use xorg-server-git PKGBUILD as base and change the source URL to _srcurl="git+https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver.git#commit=COMMITSHA and use the shasum of the git bisect output replacing COMMITSHA as needed until you find the issue. Then post the findings upstream.


Almost the same. Optimus, hybrid mode, external monitor (via DP) works. I bet this is due to the difference in the way Nvidia connected to screen. My HDMI/DP are connected to Intel. Failed cases are likely with a connection to Nvidia directly.

I think the HDMI port is connected to my nvidia card in my laptop (not sure though). It’s a Dell Precision 5540.

I will try to find the time next week when my vacation starts.