[Testing Update] 2021-04-23 - Kernels, Mesa 21.0.3, KDE Apps 21.04, KDE-Dev, Python, Haskell

But why it was removed from unstable ? :-/ I always thought that an unstable branch is for people who expect an unstable system. In that case, this is not true: Manjaro - Fresh & Stable

Unstable rather stands for “not tested at all”. Now that we know it has issues, it is dropped.


i just miss how arch forums treat these drama queens

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I just ran updates a moment ago, and everything went smooth. The only thing is I couldn’t find gtk3-widget-factory since one of the updates from the past month. Anyone know if it got moved to a separate package or a reason why it got removed?

I see GTK Widget Factory (GTK4) in repos, wouldn’t that work?

Are you for real? Do you consider it a proper and official announcement of the issue? Sure, it was mentioned in the middle of multhreaded topic where people were informing about various issues. I did read it but as always with similar topics, there are many reports that don’t concern me directly, so I filter it. In my case, I didn’t have any issues with Nvidia, some did. How on earth would I know this will result in official downgrade for all of us? I don’t mean that this was a bad decision. You need to consider all of us, so this is fine, and you did a good job. I’m just saying, this wasn’t clearly stated that you will do this. Especially, that the top post of the announcement didn’t say a word about it and even listed out the regular update of the 465 line.

I read and read your post again, I failed to find it. Or you meant that you advise us to do that every time kernel updates are involved? If so, I missed, and I bet many missed it as well. In my case, if there is no clear, bolder warning in the announcement that we have to downgrade packages or else we get borked out system, I don’t use downgrade.

Please, don’t read this post as an argument. I merely point out that this announcement wasn’t clear at all and in fact, this was misleading in some points. You must understand that many of us are just a regular user who don’t read into details of many bug reports so carefully so we simply are clueless. We expect that the announcement of the update will point out things we need to know and this one was lacking, at least in my opinion.

My point is, your announcements are important to us and not everyone of testing users is sitting on the forums day and night analyzing all threads and topics in community and understanding of all intricacies. That is why we rely on the official announcements that they will say about all unusual actions we must take if some updates bring some unusual changes as the downgrade of the driver line.

It was a message later on in this thread. #30

I do think that the OP should’ve been altered to mention about a downgrade right when the drivers were downgraded in the repos, not half a day after.

gtk-widget-factory was part of gtk3, but the docs and demos were split out of the main package recently. Now it’s gtk3-widget-factory included with gtk3-demos. The same happened with gtk4.

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How did you get text reflow to work? Doesn’t seem to work in my Konsole, maybe I’m missing some setting.

Too late, I had to reinstall my OS because of that :rage:

I’ve updated now the second post. However it was clear why Nvidia drivers got downgraded. I don’t get all this drama here.


Thank you.
About the drama:

Because normally you do the update from the terminal and normally it does not notify anything, it told me that it was going to remove the kernel 5.9 driver but I was using 5.11, that was the message, nothing more … So the drama is that I have to do a clean install in my daily driver.
I know is not your fault.

Me neither, I always do a Timeshift backup before updating, especially if I’m on the testing or unstable branch.


Exactly this👆 . I just don’t get it, seriously with Linux it’s the simplistic thing in the world to do backup/restore. There’s even ready made scripts in the repos to automatically backup everytime you update.

I get the point about updating the op with the nvidia issues but that’s the only issue even if it can be called an issue


Good to know. I can confirm that I can run gtk3-widget-factory again after installing gtk3-demos. Thanks a bunch!

Not 100% sure this update is causing it, but very likely: Firefox 88 glitches with hw acceleration on Intel i915

You may want to check out Vivaldi to see if other browsers have similar issues. Also there is a developer version of Firefox available.

I also use opera and don’t experience an issue there.

no issues on firefox & google-chrome with this update on i915