[Testing Update] 2021-04-23 - Kernels, Mesa 21.0.3, KDE Apps 21.04, KDE-Dev, Python, Haskell

It is possible, but switch is not working, showing error in optimus-manager log. After the system restore from backup, switch is working fine again.

This update is messing something and it looks like others using Nvidia are noticing it as well, each in its own way.

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Probably. Looks like the hasty driver upgrade for security reasons wasn’t tested enough on their side.

sudo pacman -Syyuu

the nvidia driver 465 downgraded to 460

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Oh, thank you!

I have downgraded mesa to 21.0.2 like the other 5600XT oweners. At the moment, mesa-git can not be installed because of dependency issues.

Nvidia driver got downgraded to 460.73.01 [production branch release] as requested here. People who had already updated to 465 series need to do a sudo pacman -Syyuu to get the proper drivers, as some of our Kernels got updated again with this update pack.

Please check if 21.0.3-1.1 fixes your issue with your 5600XT AMD card.


Check if conky 1.12.1+14+g33aa5060-1 helps.

See here:

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Redirect @Kepsz as I don’t have affected hardware to test.

I can check it, but how do I get that verison? I can only see 21.0.3-1 in the mirrors.

Edit: now I can see the new version on a mirror. Testing it now.

Might take a bit until it hit’s the mirror you are using.

You can either just wait or switch to some other mirror that has synced already.

Tested, all OK!

I even got back the plasma tray and desktop background :slight_smile:

So 21.0.3-1.1 is GOOD!

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I already installed AUR version (fresh) and that works :wink:

Booted to black screen after the upgrade, I entered TTY2 and completed the rollback to 460 with pacman -Syyuu

Fortunately, not all Nvidia cards are affected. Looks like this issue is specific for laptops with dual graphics, or some newer cards.

Here, I still use an ancient GeForce GT550 Ti, with driver 390, and that works quite well.

People having issue with the rolled back driver is probably because they missed the proper switch in their pacman command, as explained since the start of thread


That’s the legacy driver. Problem is with 465 drivers, which were downgraded to 460, due to some issues, apparently.

I have problems at login on Wayland it hangs for a lot of seconds and then proceeds flawlessly.
I am of the impression there is something happening with dbus (xde-desktop-portal-gtk maybe?), but i don’t know what to do.

Can somebody help me on that, please?
This is my journalctl -xe right after i took the control back: https://pastebin.com/raw/AUjzCjkQ

at line 2416 it stops hanging

disabling the extensions doesn’t help.
logging in with a newly created account doesn’t hang nearly as much

EDIT2: my fault, i’m sorry. I forgot i did (wrongly) add GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 to my envars.conf in hope of forcing its use. I guess it didn’t work well :sweat:

Why latest pacman-mirrors pkg not included on this snapshot?

I see no major issues tested on unstable

So were nvidia drivers really rolled back to 460? @philm’s post says otherwise:

but in all cases update with downgrade was successful, without downgrade created an issue. Since nobody from here can ensure that everybody will have downgrade option enabled in pamac or use -Syyuu and lack of downgrade causes serious issues for Nvidia users (excluded legacy drivers), this is a huge issue and big showstopper. Such update shouldn’t go to stable branch.

Usually some small downgrades don’t mess the update. If someone doesn’t use it, they will have a newer package as in repo and if the newer package was working fine, there is no issue. In recent update, downgrade is causing the issue, so we need to know why the downgrade happened (since the announcement doesn’t show it), it may be a simple mistake… and what Manjaro devs are doing to avoid the downgrade breakage issue.

I personally am waiting for explanation and don’t want to downgrade nvidia drivers. This update is a serious mess that needs to be resolved somehow and I’m surprised that Manjaro devs are not speaking about it. So what now? Let’s ruin the system of the stable users that have nvidia and don’t use downgrade?