[Testing Update] 2021-03-15 - KDE Frameworks, Gnome, Grub, VHBA-Modules, Python, Haskell

nvidia-dkms isn’t patched for kernel 5.12 yet, because we generally do not patch the dkms.
So please use the normal extra-module.

I’m seeing this error from KIO 5.80.0 and above:

/usr/bin/plasma_session: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libKF5KIOCore.so.5: undefined symbol: _ZN4KJob14percentChangedEPS_mNS_14QPrivateSignalE

SDDM loads to a default theme that shows another error with libKF5KIOCore.so.5 (in the kio package), then KDE Plasma doesn’t load at all, with the error above.

Reverting to KIO 5.79.0-1 resolves the issue for me, but I couldn’t find anything after searching the internet that points to the cause so this one has me a bit confused.


The version of the gtk3 package in this update breaks the Mailspring-Libre package. See AUR comments here: .aur.archlinux.org/packages/mailspring-libre

A new version is up in the Arch repos which fixes the issue caused (gtk3-1:3.24.27-4). Would be great if we could get that pulled down in the next testing update.

Just pushed it to the testing branch.

video-modesetting displays different than video-linux

compiz was rebuilt and rolled out about the time you posted. you should be able to update to and it should be working for you

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