[Testing Update] 2021-03-13- Kernels, Grub 2.06-rc1, LibreOffice 7.0.5, Firefox

That’s strange it didn’t automatically resolve it. You’ll need to install the appropriate version for the kernel you’re using:

❯ sudo pacman -S --asdeps vhba-module
:: There are 11 providers available for vhba-module:
:: Repository extra
   1) linux414-vhba-module  2) linux419-vhba-module  3) linux44-vhba-module
   4) linux49-vhba-module  5) linux510-vhba-module  6) linux511-vhba-module
   7) linux512-vhba-module  8) linux54-vhba-module  9) linux59-vhba-module
:: Repository community
   10) linux54-rt-vhba-module  11) linux59-rt-vhba-module

Enter a number (default=1):

Its Firefox 86.0.1 not 89. My dev-edition is at only 87, there is no way stable version is 89.

Nothing to see here, move along. :wink:


I’m no longer able to get a wired ethernet connection. Neither on kernel 5.11, nor on the 5.4 lts one.
The dual boot Windows 10 works fine though.

EDIT: No issues on my laptop though.

It’s because the new version of cdemu-daemon depends on VHBA-MODULE, while Manjaro’s linux*-vhba-module packages provide vhba-module. It is case-sensitive.

EDIT: I reported it here:


Everything went smooth except for electron9 (which I didn’t know I had) took over 4 hours to build.

Remove that one if you don’t need it. Seems to me like you now get it from the AUR.

Was actually going to do that, and this install seems to be bit weird, deezer rely on electron6 and Bitwarden on electron (version 11) but no app is using electron9. So I have no idea why that was included in my update. Will uninstall that one.

Same for me. I removed electron9; where that came from I can’t reproduce.

A program that you use previously depended on electron9 and got updated to use a newer version of electron. That doesn’t remove electron9 automatically.

Sure, thank you but which program was it? I’m pretty sure I never built electron before and removing the package with -Rcssu didn’t remove anything else.
However, everything is fine.

Bitwarden. :crystal_ball:

what’s the ethernet chipset on the machine you cannot connect anymore?

nope stable version of 89 will be out in June

Is it just my stupidity or the linux-latest* “virtual” packages are gone? Yay is now saying that my linux-latest stuff is all missing from AUR (headers, bbswitch, acpi call, virtualbox) though afair these should be from repo.

I have private pre-PKGBUILD‘s on my GitHub

But I think this packages are later dropped from Manjaro repo and gets no future updates

Also uninstall it on my system, do manual Kernel upgrades now

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Aside from cdemo-daemon problem, if you’re building something using Meson, the 0.57 version has a bug that negate gcc flags (that may come without warning). You can either use the previous version or wait for the next update. Everything else is working awesomely. :+1:

I had to put this: GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER="false" into /etc/default/grub file to let os-prober run with the next sudo update-grup. It is needed for multiboot systems.

See more info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux4noobs/comments/m2xmn9/manjarowindows_dual_boot_grub_not_recognizing_the/

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