Testing branch 5.10 boots to CLI, startX produces errors, no Nvidia/Nvidia DRM modules loading

Running a Plasma desktop, Testing branch on 5.9 kernel w/ NVidia 450xx driver package. Installed 5.10rc2 kernel from CLI. Boots to CLI but wont startX. lsmod doesnt show Nvidia or Nvidia drm loaded. /lib/modules/5.10./extra modules shows no Nvidia content vs 5.9 where various Nvidia modules are listed. Journalctl -p3 -b-1 shows some symbol errors plus failed to find platform integrity, nvidia and nvidia-drm. So I am assuming that although the 450xx package installed correctly, the kernel doesnt know where to look for the modules. Any suggestions on resolution or wait until another 5.10 update??

Many thanks.

When you installed the 5.10rc2 did you noticed an nvidia module there ? I don’t think so. Most of the times the rc kernels did not have neither nvidia nor virtualbox modules build till later in their release. I don’t understand why now you expect to have it working … There are no modules for it.

Nvidia doesn’t support 5.10 kernel series yet. You may try to use Nouveau drivers…

Hi Bogdancovaciu & Philm
Thank you both for the kindness and replies. This is the first rc kernel I have installed. My apologies for the support request, I had no idea that there were no modules for it.
Regards, thanks and again, sorry.

Tried nouveau. Bunch of Xorg errors when I attempted to generate xorg.conf. Going to give up on this until we have the Nvidia support I think, Thanks again Philm and Bogdancovaciu.

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