Testers needed: Manjaro KDE massive cleanup/rename

It could be too late but I’ve added them for kconf_update script.


What was the very recent update (which was pushed after the stable update) to the three packages (manjaro-kde-settings, sddm-breath-theme, plasma5-themes-breath) about?

Addressed SDDM theme issues mostly.

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I miss the “twilight” variant of Breath themes (Breath light but with dark window title backgrounds).
Applied “Breath light” global theme, went to “Colors” and tried to copy “Breath light” and just edit the active title background. For some reason it doesn’t work/stick. Baffles me, why that would not work (edit: found a bug report relating to this. Apparently the presence of Header colors is the culprit).

Ended up copying Breeze and setting “Selection Background”, “Focus Decoration” and “Hover Decoration” to Breath values.

Sure would be nice to have a “normal” Breath color theme with dark title backgrounds (like Breeze) besides the already existing “Breath light” and “Breath dark”.

It moved to Breath Classic, you can borrow theme from here colors/BreathClassic.colors · classic · Artwork / themes / Breath Theme · GitLab

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Wow! I was so focused on payload actions, what did not realized when the [Testing Update] 2021-11-16 - KDE Frameworks, Cinnamon, Haskell, Thunderbird - #14 by alven issue with krusader icons was fixed.

Noted that only yesterday that it is good to read content type (folder / file) while surfing on storage, but seems to be it was fixed someday earlier and krusader got only sigle update of
[2021-11-28T07:09:43+0300] [ALPM] upgraded krusader-git (2.8.0.dev.r6379.g04e6286f-1 -> 2.8.0.dev.r6380.gdc589644-1)
for that period and it is not related to icons/colors

Now it is good (screenshot), Breeze dark theme

Thank you!

NO! :stuck_out_tongue:

pipewire is not sufficiently mature yet. It still has too many issues.

Patience, my friend...

Everything has its time

Pulseaudio also has too many issues tbh (even though it’s way more mature) so as a whole Linux multimedia stack.

P.S. Anyway in Manjaro it’s a matter of one meta-package installation.

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In konsole (and subsequently yakuake) the indicator shown on the left border of the window when “Highlight the lines coming into view” checkbox is ticked and text scrolles into view is in (inconsistent) blue rather than manjaro green.


The blue indicator (bar) on the left side of that dark terminal background doesn’t fit in with Breath theming.

Hello, i’ve recently updated my system and I have a problem with Yakuake, it doesn’t have any border (or can’t hide/show it via the settings).
From what i’ve read here, it’s thanks to the new theme, but it could be great to have a border like with the breeze skin, and if someone don’t like it, he/she can disable it via the settings.
Also, translucency doesn’t work (not sure if it’s because of the update tho)

(I’m sorry if my message may not be relevent, I come from the [Stable Update] 2021-12-10 announce and it references this thread)

Install “Force Blur” from “Get New Stuff” in System Settings --> Window Management --> KWin Scripts.


Right-click the open window, select “Edit current profile”, then select “Appearance” and click the Edit button. You’ll see a slider for setting the translucency.


Sometimes (only in yakuake), even after enabling translucency in profile settings as you said, the blur doesn’t appear visually. Only when I enable Force Blur thereafter, the blurring works in yakuake. :sweat_smile:
Maybe a bug, maybe …

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Yes, that’s an old “bug” ─ if we can call it that ─ in Yakuake. It has been around forever. :wink:


It’s rather a feature already, a special infuriating bit from Plasma devs :rofl:

I also need the blur :slight_smile: Following worked for me.
You can enable it by editing ~/.config/yakuakerc


Does that work even without the forceblur script?

It should. I don’t use that script.

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Blur is an option of yakuake, just is not enabled by default and also has no GUI way to control it.