Testers needed for arc-menu

To add unity layout to the gnome-layout-switcher, I asked arc-menu team if they could integrate the menu to dash-to-dock extension. They kindly agreed to look into it. The initial implementation is ready for testing. If you can find the time to help the development by testing and reporting bugs, please feel free to do so.

The issue and installation instructions can be found here:

The updated extension is not yet released or packaged, you need to build it from git as per instructions on the git repo.

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Could we possibly include it on unstable for testing?
I think that way it is more likely people would test it.

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@Chrysostomus i can t build now but i can build this evening.. if you want build before Copy the hash commit in the pkgbuild for arc-menu regular and all Is fine .. the pkgver autatically increase It.. i m on smartphone right now..

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I can probably do a dev package in the evening if everything goes well. I have long drive home today.

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If you provide basic instructions on how to test I'll take a look. Thanks!

The instructions are there behind the link, but since @Ste74 built the package you can also just install arc-menu-dev from the repos

No .. @esa1975 non dev package.. only the regular .. this code i think don t break all function of arc menu since Is a new Key and stucture..


Leave any feedback or bugs you may find by letting us know by leaving a comment with your findings on the issue listed above in the first post URL link to the issue.

Where the setting is located..

Once everything is installed all you have to do is enable the option in the ArcMenu settings window and it will then integrate ArcMenu into Dash to Dock automatically by placing the menu button on the Dock from there you can test test test :slight_smile:

  • The feature you need to enable is located on

General tab > Display ArcMenu on > Choose Dash to Dock

What to look for when testing..

  • Bugs of any kind
  • Glitches of any kind
  • Shell Crashes
  • Any type of inconsistencies
  • Boot ups and restarts
  • Extension incompatibilities
  • Feedback regarding styling
  • Any styling issues
  • Anything you your self notice
  • Any suggestions to enhance this feature

Step 1

ArcMenu from the Manjaro unstable and testing branch

Step 2

Dash to Dock from the Manjaro unstable and testing branch

kind regards

All Is in our repo in unstable and testing branch.. gnome preview 3 already contains all you Need whitout install nothing..

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This is the route I took. Looking at it now. No obvious issues. I've used Arc Menu in the past so I'm familiar with the settings. Looks like the only difference is the "Display Arc Menu On" option and the customization of course.

I like the theming. It's clean and the position of the menu is how I would expect it to be with small margins left and bottom. One possible thing to consider is that the desktop windows have a heavier shadow while the menu's is much smaller. If a light window is behind the menu when you open it there is less contrast between the menu and the underlying window than there would be with two windows on the desktop. Not sure if it's possible to match the desktop but it would help with contrast. Perhaps if it was even just a little larger than it currently is.


If you set the panel location to either left or right, the menu icon takes up too much space.

I was able to correct this by setting the Menu Button Appearance to Icon instead of Icon and Text.

It also looks fine in the bottom position with the appearance set to icon so I'm not sure why it is set to icon and text by default. I assume Manjaro users will probably be using this layout via the new layout so this might not be a real use case but maybe worth changing.

Something else I noticed that is true in v39 as well is that when you activate the menu, you can't initially navigate with arrow keys. It looks like the focus in in the search box and unless you hit tab or backspace you can't use the arrow keys. Not relevant to this necessarily but I thought I'd mention it.

That's all I can find. Hopefully this is useful. Thanks for putting this together. Very nice addition to Manjaro's GNOME edition.

Just a quick update to all, ArcMenu v40 build has been updated with bug fixes and new features and enhancements, if you would like to update your builds with the development-v40 branch to the latest updates and continue testing :slight_smile:

New in this build;

  • Re-designed Ubuntu Dash layout (enhancement to Dash to Dock feature)
  • Added Two new official ArcMenu symbolic icons.
  • Add new icon preview feature in settings.
  • Re-designed Ubuntu-Dash svg in settings
  • Fix custom icon crashing Dash to Dock mode.
  • Keyboard Navigation rework
  • Various Dash to Dock integration fixes and enhancements. Custom hotkey fixed tooltip added when in dash to dock
  • Fix default directory path icons not displaying in settings

kind regards

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Development Update hope i posted in correct place.

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