Newest materia-kde in the repo only supports Plasma 5.25 and up

I’ve had a strange issue with materia-kde and kscreenlocker, and looks like it was the result of Manjaro team updating materia-kde package which only supports Plasma 5.25 and up(we still on Plasma 5.24.6).

Rolling back to materia-kde version 20220607 is a temporary fix, which have no issue.

KDE team made some API changes(which the latest materia-kde already using), and they’re not compatible with older kscreenlocker versions.

Plese check if 20220714-1.0 fixes the issue as it comes with patch -Rp1 -i ../bc91867782e3bf1f89a84cea9ed9fd690849373d.patch reverting the port to 5.25 lockscreen.

How exactly can I do that? Sorry, I’m not really a superuser :frowning:

Simply install the update I just pushed and tell me if it works …

Okey :slight_smile: Don’t see any update yet.

Looks like your update did the trick, thank you very much!

But sadly I’m not out of the water yet, because I’m having some other issue(which I had before we even started discussing this), which can be related:

When the screen is locked, and I’m clicked on the Switch users button, and then I’m relogging to my account, I’m getting a black screen with a cursor. Looks like SDDM not reusing the previous session.

I had this issue for a long time, and not remembering opening a topic here, on the forums.

Well, if that is caused by the theme, then we might need to revert more or even go back to the older version of the package. You may want to reboot the system to make sure all is loaded properly.

I had this issue a year ago also, but looks like I didn’t report it. Should I open a new topic?

Just a minor nitpick, but when you lock screen, that is kscreenlocker and not sddm. So you might want to look into that.

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Looks like you are right: when I click on Switch users on kscreenlocker, and I want to log back in to the same account via SDDM login, it starts a new session instead of logging back into the existing one - also causing the black screen.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on Switch user on lock screen.
  2. Log back into the same account using SDDM.
  3. Black screen with cursor.

There’s some issue between kscreenlocker and SDDM that’s for sure.

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