Terraria mouse cursor limited to a slightly smaller resolution than shown. (EDIT: After alt-tabbing.)

What I mean by a smaller resolution is that the field the cursor is constrained to is smaller than the actual game resolution.

This happens no matter how I launch it. When I launch it with prime-run it shows up in nvidia-smi, but still has the bug, and it’s the same without prime-run/nvidia-smi. Additionally, Lutris and Steam-only launches don’t change much. Here’s part of the log from Lutris while it was running Terraria:

Using EXT_swap_control_tear VSync!
Resolution changed to: 1920x1080.
Using EXT_swap_control_tear VSync!
Using EXT_swap_control_tear VSync!
Resolution changed to: 1912x1016.

There’s more stuff in the log, but I’m not sure what to look at, it seems mostly Steam itself logging.

The resolution also changes in the internal game settings sometimes, so I can temporarily fix it by exiting fullscreen mode (in-game) or changing the resolution manually, however it’s cumbersome/impossible to access settings while playing due to this bug.

Terraria has had temperamental display issues since the journey’s end updated and technically the Linux version is an unsupported release.

Does going to and from windowed and fullscreen help? Alt + Enter does this for me and may prove a less cumbersome temporary workaround.

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Yeah, fixes it temporarily. Thank You.

I was tinkering with seperate Activities, but it turns out the game is in the background and clickable for all activities. It works if you switch away by pressing Meta + Tab, then click on the Activity in your Panel widget to return to the game, but clickable.

I might’ve found the solution, so if anyone else is looking for it or wants to tell me that I probably did something wrong, then I’ll add it here.

I used “Window Management > Window Rules” to create a setting with these entries:

  • Window class (application), exact match, terraria.bin.x86_64 terraria.bin.x86_64 (or whatever your terraria window is, use “detect window properties” on a windowed Terraria)
  • Match whole window class: yes
  • Minimum size, force, 1920x1080 (initial issue)
  • Maximum size, force, 1920x1080 (secondary issue, popped up after first fix)

It flickers when you re-enter, but that’s the best I could get.

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