"Termite" error after last update

Hello Manjaro Community,

I have been using the Manjaro system and I admit that it is much better than I imagined, I have made some adjustments for my use and I am very satisfied.

I made some posts on this forum and the community has always helped me a lot, my knowledge is limited.

The situation I currently came across is that the menu for “htop” and for “sound adjustment” worked normally, until I updated the system on 8/17/2021 and the menu for these functions didn’t work.

Image link:

Can anyone tell me how to fix this error, make it call by the “lxterminal” function which is the package I have installed


Sometimes AUR packages need a rebuild after system update. Either trough another working Terminal, or via Pamac UI, or via TTY:

pamac build termite

Termite is End of life.

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