Terminator reverts to previous version

Since the last update in testing, I have a problem with my favorite terminal: terminator.
Every time I want to install or uninstall an application with pamac, it makes me revert Terminator to an earlier version (the 1.92.3 instead of the 2.0.0-1).
I don’t know why.
The only very ephemeral solution is to do :

sudo pacman -U  https://mirror.f4st.host/archlinux/community/os/x86_64/terminator-2.0.1-1-any.pkg.tar.zst

Would you have a more permanent solution?

Thank you.

Because you maybe are not on unstable branch and the terminator version that doesn’t fail is only available on unstable branch


Hopefully there will be pushed to testing and stable soon … What remains is to switch to unstable, but you might not like that and also experience some breakage.

@obelix1502 + @bogdancovaciu,
Isn’t it possible to disable upgrade/downgrade of a specific package via a config in pacman? :thinking:

:notebook: I changed the title to be more english correct :wink:

IIRC it’s done with the IgnorePkg= key in /etc/pacman.conf in the [pptions] section:

IgnorePkg = icecat

Hope this helps.

Yes, the IgnorePkg can be used, but the OP needs to remember this for when the update comes to their branch.

That is true! Unless O.P. wants to completely forget about it.