Terminals database is inaccessible

I currently facing an issue, wherein when I try to use clear command to clear the terminal I get an error stating “terminal database inaccessible”

I using Tilix terminal emulator with ZSH shell. I am not sure what is causing this behavior.

First responses on my ddg say anaconda abuse. do you use anaconda ?

Yeah, I use anaconda. Is anaconda the cause of the problem?

Well its possible you messed up some things like your permissions/paths/rc’s in the process of using it…


maybe also worth noting:

(please make sure not to mix package managers, dont use sudo with those tools, etc)

Thank you for sharing that article link. As mentioned in that article by removing the anaconda path in my zshrc file, the clear command is now working properly.

Just to do some further testing I uninstall my anaconda installation and reinstalled it. Now anaconda works fine and the clear command also works.

I guess as you mentioned I must have messed the paths.

Thank you for helping me resolve it.

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Cheers. I actually had no idea … but a shot in the dark. Glad it worked out. :slight_smile:


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