Terminal window tearing after installing zsh

I recently changed my terminal to zsh but it came with problems. The terminal window keeps showing lines.This only happens to the Konsole window

Other apps with integrated terminal like Visual Studio code and Intellij IDEA are just fine.

Am on KDE Plasma

I’ve fixed this

Apparently its a scaling issue with Qt on high dpi screens.

I modified my .zshrc.zni file by adding the line below


export scale factor QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.66


In bash you can add it to .bash_profile(not sure about this)


It is a known problem with fractional scaling on KDE and it is usually only Konsole which is affected.

I have heard of the solution you used but if it work - it works. :+1:

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I fixed mine by using the following
Konsole - Edit current profile - Appearance - Miscellaneous
Set line spacing and magins both to 1px.

Can’t remember where I found this but it did get rid of the issue in my case (1.5 scale Manjaro KDE)

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