Terminal window resize bug

Hello, I’ve recently been having this weird bug on the terminal where whenever I resize it, the home icon gets like cloned or something and when I enter fullscreen, sometimes the text won’t resize properly. I’ve been looking through this forum and it looks like someone else also had a similar problem.

And I tried what @megavolt said, but it didn’t work, or Im just too stupid and didnt apply his instructions to fix the problem correctly, can anyone help me?


I’m using gnome
Also this only happens when I’ve resized or opened the terminal on full screen, when I exit it gets back to normal

Hello @p4rtypi5 :wink:

First: It was bash and you have zsh.

I myself, I just learned to ignore that bug and type clear or just don’t resize your terminal while you working with it. Also disabling the Manjaro prompt completely helps.

That is my solution at the end or the day and focus on productive parts of my life.

My thought is that it has to do with colors and refresh rate. It seems not to be problem in alacritty, but in gnome-terminal.

Cheers :wink:

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That issue is discussed since 2019, see here Resizing Issue · Issue #175 · romkatv/powerlevel10k · GitHub
It happens in the newly Gnome-Console too.


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