Terminal Vs. IDE

Hi Guys !! I started using Manjaro OS since only 1 month. And I like Manjaro so much.
Now coming to my point,

Executing Programs using Terminal Vs. IDE

  • I want to know that is it better to execute/run programs via Terminal is better or via an IDE is better ? and explain with your reason for preferring it.
  • What are the downsides of using the Terminal to execute/run programs ?
  • What are the downsides of using an IDE ?
  • Which one would you prefer to a Novice, who has some experience in programming, but is enthusiastic in learning new things with interest ( programming ) ?
  • Which is less hasty and easy to write and execute programs ? ( Omit this point : To use Terminal, we know that we should write the codes, in a text file and execute it. )

I would like know your opinions and debates on this topic.
I am a Novice to Linux and enthusiastic to more about this.

Terminal using vi. Because that’s what Ken Thompson and Dennis Richie intended. Anything else is heresy. Including EMACS. Especially EMACS.


console vs gui ? gui editor is not always IDE
for which language?

the only downsides of IDE is that they take more resources


Code-editor and Terminal here.
I am using vs code (you could argue that with all those extensions that are available it comes close to be a fully fledged IDE rather than just a code editor though) to write code and then use the integrated terminal a lot there as well.

Depends on the language as well though.



I asked in general. So, you can state your views for any Programming Language for that matter.

I am a Novice :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: so can you explain me what is the difference between these 2 ? I guess, GUI Editor has GUI elements to make coding simpler ? :thinking:

IDE is probably better than terminal+editor for compiled languages, because it helps you catch errors before needing to compile the program. Intellisense also helps you discover the syntax more easily especially if you are a beginner.

For scripting languages like python or bash, the benefit of an IDE is smaller by comparison. In this case terminal+editor is mostly as good. I code mostly with these, so I like to use sublime text and terminal. Most IDEs are simply too heavy for my netbook. Vs code was nice, but too heavy.

For editing configuration files and administering the system, terminal is easily the best tool. I mostly use micro as my editor on my own system and vim at work.


Generally an IDE is specialized in 1…3 languages
Find first what type of programs you want write. From this, you select 1…2 language and finally you choose the best (editor/)IDE according to this language.

For example for the web (client side) it is unthinkable to use only terminal
it’s for bash? there is not even an IDE

ps: a gui editor is: notepad (++) under windows

like @moson, vscode is very good for a lot of languages, with a lot of handy little tools (especially for beginners), so it’s it’s often a good choice if our machine is solid.
But yes, sublime text is also good with many languages. generally, choice between this 2 is the same as choice between gnome and xfce: nobody agrees and nobody makes a bad choice.


It’s not quite an IDE, but I really like Kate, because it has a lot of smart code-editing features, and a very well-executed VI mode.

But most of the time, I find it easier to navigate to my code in bash and just edit in vi, rather than firing up kate or some other gui editor/IDE and navigating to my files via the hideous open file dialog box.


I mainly do my coding in C, C++, JAVA, Python and Pearl. But, I am interested in learning other languages out there.
Thanks for your reply, Your reply was interesting.

I accept this and this is :100: True. We all do what we prefer.

with kate, I’ve installed as client LSP bash-language-server but result is … :zipper_mouth_face:


One “must have” for me in the meanwhile is auto-completion / intelliSense. If you are dealing with a library / framework which you are not familiar with, it is enormously helpful and speeds up development a lot imho.

F.e. At the time I was exploring vala there was no such feature available and you’d always move back and forth from your code to the documentation… In the meanwhile it got a language server implementation and therefore auto-completion, error-checking and so on (in vscode). So much easier with that stuff.

Maybe it’s just because I have a bit of a C# background where this was available from day 1. (be nice with me; everyone has to earn money :wink: and not everyone can choose the OS or language that is used there :slight_smile: )

Now you should get a new laptop from donation money. Seriously.

More GUI related stuff or what type of programs? Just curious…


Actually from recent times, I am interested in learning Visual Basic. I have a PC, that is kind of like 9 years old, that runs on 2GB RAM with AMD Sempron 145 processor. Is the Code OSS (Code) similar to the Visual Studio on Windows?

I am at-most sure that my PC can’t run the latest Visual Studio and my friend who tried to install it in his Windows told that it was a mind boggling 25GB download with the support to all languages and all packages installation :woozy_face:

Yes, especially since that netbook is broken and I have now been several months without proper hardware. It should be coming soon though.


code oss is basically visual studio code (without the MS bloat)

There is still “Visual Studio” with some more features like GUI designer for winforms, WPF, for example which is only available on windows. vs code is a pure code editor.

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In my understanding, yes, but stripped down and lighter.


I simply code anything that I want to automate, or at least for the matter what I can Automate.
I am a beginner to GUI programming. So, I can’t yet do most for the GUI.

For Example, in my recent boredom in the Corona Crisis, I coded a program to calculate Mean, Median, Quartiles, Percentiles and Deciles in C++, then I pick the concept in that program, and I simply wrote in JAVA.
And I think :thinking: of showing my program to my Statistics Teacher :man_teacher: and wonder for reply :joy: :crazy_face: and the consequences :sweat_smile: :laughing:

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The only thing what is there extra is The logo and the telemetry.


Well, if it works, it works :wink: The compiler will make things nice again :joy: Just show him the compiled binary in a hex editor and ask for his opinion.

But if you want to dig into GUI stuff, with C++ for example I would give it a go with QtCreator.
C++ IDE with the focus on creating Qt based GUI apps…

C (better go for vala though) + Gtk would be Gnome Builder & Glade. Python also has a lot of GUI bindings available (has never been my thing though; I need curly braces for some reason :rofl: )

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Yeah, that’s pretty much what I meant with “bloat”. You can switch that off in the vscode one also (still doubting if that really is the case then though :wink: )

Actually I am using the vscode one as well instead of oss because the oss one is lacking C# debugging capability (is that still the case btw?) which I use from time to time.


Python learner here. I’m using VS Code with some extensions. However, I want to migrate a great window-manager and use Vim as much as possible. (oh, i love its colorschemes, especially gruvbox)

Can you suggest me which framework should I use for GUIs, btw? :slight_smile:

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