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I want to write a bash script that can create a launcher in menulibre and to do this I would need to run a terminal command, but running menulibre just shows the menulibre gui. How can I add launchers to my menu with bash/terminal command without having the gui?

These are just text files. Since the filename extension is .desktop, they are usually called Desktop files.

specific user desktop files are stored in ~/.local/share/applications . System wide desktop files are stored in /usr/share/applications .

Use an old as a template. Since it is just a text file it can be created on the fly.

There is also a standard document.
Desktop Entry Specification


Ahh, I didn’t realise they were just files - thats cool! Quick question, when I made an application with menulibre it named the .desktop as menulibre-* → Is that menulibre- part needed?

also: what does the version mean? is that user inputted?

No, you can name them as you like, just the .desktop part is important. I would also not use any special characters. Also see File naming
If you create a desktop file yourself, it might take a few seconds to show up in the menu.

See the specification Recognized desktop entry keys

I also want to point out, that DEs usually add there own entry’s. The entry’s from the specification are just the basics that every DE understands.

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