Terminal fonts look squished after system update

I am using a laptop attached to an external display. When I launch the terminal in my 2nd display the text looks squished together as in image below.

This problem does not happen in the primary display where it looks as follows

The problem gets fixed when I go to Settings > Edit Current Profile > Appearance > Font and hit choose. However, this needs to be done every time I launch the terminal application.
I didn’t find anything helpful on the internet. Maybe I am using the wrong search terms? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This is because the default Konsole profile in Manjaro is root-owned and therefore read-only. :wink:

You need to make a copy of the default Konsole profile under a new name, make this new profile the default, and then edit its settings. These will then be saved, because the new profile will then be stored in your home directory and will be owned by you. :wink:

My default profile was located in /home/username/.local/share/konsole/MyProfile.profile. I made another copy, but that didn’t solve the issue.

And just hitting choose (Edit Current Profile > Appearance > Font and hit choose) does the job, I don’t actually have to make changes.

Installing linux61 fixed the issue.

I don’t know why this problem happened, or how it got fixed, but I’m thankful anyway :slight_smile:

No, it didn’t. Terminal fonts are not related to the kernel.

Since you rebooted after installing the new kernel, the reboot is what solved it. :wink:

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