Terminal does not “source” on startup

terminal does not “source” on startup and output bashrc:type:64: bad option: -P on source

I freshly installed manjaro (coming from ubuntu)
and the terminal doesn’t seems to load ~/.bashrc on start-up,
for example I added the alias alias ll='ls -alF', but doesn’t get recognized.\

When I run source ~/.bashrc I get this output

source ~/.bashrc                                                                                                                                                                                   
/.../.bashrc:type:64: bad option: -P
zsh: command not found: complete
zsh: command not found: shopt
zsh: command not found: shopt
zsh: command not found: shopt

and ll get now correctly recognized,
but if I close and reopen the terminal it’s again not recognized

did I miss something?

You are clearly using zsh and as such .bashrc won’t work.

Either change shell to bash or add you aliases to .zshrc


I think it’s because you are using zsh. Add the alias to your .zshrc and source it.

source ~/.zshrc


thanks, it works
is there any reason to keep .bashrc around?

Yes do not remove it!


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