Terminal Cursor Turning to ibeam

When i hover my mouse over any terminal emulator the pointer turns to an ibeam. This stops if i open emacs or some other terminal applications. How can i get the cursor beck to normal

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It would probably be helpful to include things like what desktop environment and terminal you are using.

BSPWM, but i tried in i3 and KDE and the problem persisted

Its not a ‘problem’ … this is expected behavior.

But if it is configurable it would probably matter the terminal emulator you are using.

(konsole, st, gnome-terminal, etc)

It happens on every terminal emulator

And it happens on every one here too.

This is long-standing convention.

The cursor probably similarly changes to an I-beam when you mouse over the text input box here on the forum.

Because these are editable text windows.

Or more to the point - its text you can select and copy and as such … the I-beam.
Just as with text on webpages.

Since you were asking about it I assumed there may be some option in some terminal … but I dont notice one in konsole, nor do I notice it by quickly searching other terminal emulators.

(someone on a fedora mailing list in 2014 claims to remember such on option in xterm when they were previously using bsd… for whatever thats worth… Changing the mouse pointer shape in terminal.)

Yh i realized what happen i was confused because mouse support was disabled in ncmpcpp

I know this I-Beam Cursor is not a bug and a expected behavior, but i also want to add i also dislike the I-Beam in my KDE Terminal, because the I-Beam is really hard to identify in the Terminal Window for me… of course the Shiny Transparency/Blur effect Window doesn’t help in this situation :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Do you know a option how to change the Colour or the whole mouse cursor only in the Terminal Console window? Or get the I-Beam thicker?

You can’t. You can try different cursor themes.

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Sad story, but atleast i know now the answer… thanks anyways.

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