Terminal Command execute in new terminal as a alias

I trying to get this command working in a new dropdown terminal.
are like ‘–maximize ; run’ in the existence terminal.

the command what i playing around is:
alias gg=’

xfce4-terminal --drop-down; termdown 88 ; sleep 1 ; poweroff

thanks for any solution :slight_smile:

This is saying ‘create drop down terminal, then do termdown, then sleep, …’

You probably want something like this:

alias gg=’xfce4-terminal --drop-down --command="termdown 88 ; sleep 1 ; poweroff"'

Got some hints from the terminal doc

Checkout the xfce4-terminal options, -x|--execute or -e|--command. xfce4-terminal has a man page

alias gg='xfce4-terminal --drop-down --hold -x bash -c "echo hi"'

man xfce4-terminal

I used bash and --hold for testing.

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thank you very much but this one dosn’t work for me at all

alias gg=‘xfce4-terminal --drop-down --command=“termdown 88 ; sleep 1 ; poweroff”’

thanks you very much this one works fine for me:

alias gg=’ xfce4-terminal --geometry=66x14 --hide-scrollbar -H -x zsh -c “termdown 2; sleep 1 ; cmatrix”’

  • if i go with bash and i cancel the termdown the next command will still execute but not in zsh, I guess some setting in my bashrc is missing for that.

  • if i go with --drop-down the terminal get stuck if I cancelt the termdown and I have to kill xfce4-terminal to give it a new command so '–geometry= ’ works fine for that.

thank you

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