Terminal/Cli sudo password prompt instead of GUI

Hi All.

Manjaro KDE user here.

Something has happened, or more likely I’ve done something causing my KDE to always ask for the sudo password, where needed, in a GUI popup box, even when I do something from the command line.

Anyone have any idea why this could be?

I just tested again. When running sudo ls / from the command line, it asks for my sudo password on the command line. When running a script, such as pamac install it asks for my sudo password with a GUI popup prompt.

Ideally, I’d like it to ask for the password in its context. I.e.: if the script/program is terminal/CLI/command line based, ask in the tereminal/command line, and if it is a GUI program, then use the GUI prompt.

is using polkit and that is why there is a popup window for password.
Probably you are looking for something like this

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Thank you, @bogdancovaciu!! Much appreciated. I’ll look into it, since it’s not something easy that I did somewhere.

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