Terminal Bash error, i no longer have access to the Terminal after last stable update

I have a serious problem with the newest Stable update.

My Terminal no longer works after the update… no commands or input possible.

Just a message appears in Terminal and thats it:

Warning: Program '/bin/bash' crashed.

@Philm already told me that this problem could be related to a readline and locale problem.
But i have no idea how i can fix it now or what to do :cold_face:

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What happens if you switch to a TTY and then login?

If it is a locale error you can fix it from a TTY

When you open a terminal in plasma you are effectively launching Konsole App which then loads a profile using and executes commands in a pre-defined shell - which can be bash, zsh, fish or any other shell.

So your problem may be the the profile used by Konsole.

Even though you cannot type anything - you should be able to access Konsole Settings menu. The shortcut - hotkeys - to open is CtrlShift,

From there you can change the profile - the default breath uses zsh.

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Thanks for your help but another forum member helped already.

I just renamed the file /.config/plasma-localerc and after a restart the locale issue is gone and the problem was fixed.

Lucky i didnt had to switch back to zsh and bash is working again.

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