Terminal bash change appearance

how can you make the terminal in Cinnamon look like it does in Gnome or KDE?

… you right click in the terminal, if the menu is not visible,
then you choose the settings and change them to your liking?

But I mean the prompt. My terminal looks like this:


But it should look like this:


I think there is a package, but unfortunately I don’t remember what it’s called!?

The first is the standard bash prompt.
The second is the standard zsh prompt.

You’d need to change your default shell to zsh.
Install that and also look for a package name like manjaro-zsh-config or a similar name.
This provides the specific look of the prompt and also useful pre-configuration of the behaviour of that shell.

Just installing that shell is not enough - you need then to actively change it from bash to zsh.

Thank you that worked…

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