Telegram-desktop in manjaro bad quality

Hi. I was installing manjaro because I thought it’s a nice chill distro. But it lacks in quality here and there so I’m about to switch to something else, but I want to report (again → a problem you should fix. And sorry, I’m to new of a member to post links, so you have to deal with them yourself.

Telegram desktop in stable currently is again a beta version of the official client. A broken one to be more precise, because it comes with a CSD error for some of us (alpha blending for the shadow on gnome is broken, mouse interactions with the CSD might also be broken). Both of them are not there in the stable release of telegram.

For some reason @nightmare-2021 packs always git versions (history → instead of official releases.

Not only this, but the PKGBUILD → itself is of bad quality. For example:

  • You don’t need to specify provides if it provides only itself, because, you know, it provides itself already by beeing itself.
  • You can’t use as source, because that’s the changing development channel. So even if you pull the PKGBUILD of 2.5.8.r48.g9b70f24e9 it will build the latest git.
    • Your package is not reproducible in any way, telegram-desktop on manjaro is essentially a -git package.
  • I done see any reason for an overlay package anyways. Whats wrong with the Arch telegram-desktop? I’m using this right now and it works (unlike the manjaro one) just fine.

Given that my questions are:

  1. Why is there an overlay for telegram-desktop in manjaro?
  2. Why does it use git versions instead of the official releases?
  3. Why is the packagebuild of this bad quality?
  4. When will it be fixed?

And please let me say that there is no need for a “We’re/I’m sorry that you have a bad experience” and yes, I’m obviosly willing to help.

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It’s done - unstable has 2.5.9-1 from Arch again.

For all those who always want the latest version there is now telegram-desktop-manjaro


Just amazing, the responsiveness of the Manjaro team. Much appreciated, Schinfo!


Thanks you so much! :+1:

Yes, only 3 weeks and 1 useless account creation. Amazing.

I’m in the middle of the move - top priority at the moment :wink:

Thank a lot to both of you, really appreciate it!

A question: should I change from telegram-desktop to telegram-desktop-manjaro when telegram-desktop-manjaro reaches the stable branch?

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