Telegram-desktop gets borders when using kvantum in Qt6

After updating the looks of GNOME installation as described here, telegram-desktop (installed from Official repos, not from AUR) got some borders.If I use Style: kvantum or kvantum-dark I get borders, if I switch to anything else - borders are gone.

I also found the discussions on the net, seems kvantum is the culprit here. Example: link.

In Telegram settings, go to Advanced > System integration and enable Use system window frame.

@Yochanan thanks. Looks not too nice though :frowning: Feels more as a temporary solution. Is there any option to ignore Qt6 style for particular app, or set a different style for just one app?

UPD: Seems there are some more visual artifacts (see context menu in the attached pic)

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You have the Qt5 set to use Adwaita-Dark and that is adwaita-qt5 and you use it with custom color scheme too … then you have Qt6 set to use kvantum. Both need to be set the same to have a consistent look.

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@giant-locked just add telegram-desktop to QT5 and QT6 Config Tools ignored apps.
Troubleshooting > Ignored applications > add > /usr/bin/telegram-desktop

After that, artefacts from dialogs were finally gone for me :relieved:

Lost only two days to figure that out :exploding_head:


Thank you! I tried adding telegram-desktop to ignored apps in Qt6 only, and it obviously was not enough :slight_smile:


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