Telegram-Desktop amd64 no voice and video calls?

Strangely the Telegram-Desktop client installed from the official repositories (Version 2.3.2) for my x86 desktop (amd64) doesn’t show the voice call function at all. Otherwise the client works fine, but there isn’t even the option to start a voice/video call.

While the same version compiled for arm64 from the repositories does show the voice calls on my PinebookPro, but doesn’t recognize the microphone.

Anyone got an idea what might be causing this? Thanks!

I use telegram v2.4.1 (testing branch) and voice works.

Ok good to know that it is upcoming then. But I find it strange that the option isn’t even shown as in general v2.3.2 should support voice calls.

Version 2.3.2 from the repositories does have voice calls: