Telegram desktop activation code problem

Need help to fix this pls i didn’t receive anything, all solutions i find is for apk version

Try logging in with Telegram Web and there you’ll see your activation code.

I’ts the same i try to log in by phone number but didn’t receive any code

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Telegram is a cross platform application, there is no difference with activation codes between platforms. You will receive the code on any other logged in instance of Telegram.

If you need further assistance, contact Telegram Support.


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simply start the telegram application for pc, first it will ask you for the phone number and then give the code that they have sent you to that phone number you gave…so simple…good luck…

The code they send you is from telegram support to your own telegram account…that is…also start the android apk to see this security code.

Actually i do that a lot of times i give them the phone numbre and i didn’t receive any code that’s why i ask and before i ask i search for a solution and only find solution for android apk

Which is?

FYI, an APK is the Android package format, not the application itself. That would be like calling applications on Manjaro PKG.TAR.ZST’s. :wink:

im not able to do that by myself yet im steal learn how to use linux
and i try to install android emulator i try Genymotion and i just remove it because i dont know how to use it and now i will try Anbox and add app store on it and if it’s not work for me i install bluestacks tomorrow on windows and thx to u instead to say this Which is?

i hope to give me help like a commands for how i do that but it’s ok i will be able to do that with time

Do what?

Why? There’s no need. Please review the answers already provided here.

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you don’t need emulators, just install the package provided by manjaro or the one from telegram’s website if you prefer…but

pamac install telegram-desktop

pamac info telegram-desktop
Nombre                    : telegram-desktop
Versión                   : 3.4.0-1
Descripción               : Official Telegram Desktop client
URL                       :
Licencias                 : GPL3
Repositorio               : community
Tamaño de la Instalación  : 80,9 MB
Depende de                : hunspell ffmpeg hicolor-icon-theme lz4 minizip
                            openal ttf-opensans qt5-imageformats qt5-svg
                            qt5-wayland libdbusmenu-qt5 xxhash kwayland glibmm
                            rnnoise pipewire libxtst libxrandr jemalloc
Dependencias opcionales   : gtk3: GTK environment integration [Instalados]
                            webkit2gtk: embedded browser features [Instalados]
                            xdg-desktop-portal: desktop integration [Instalados]
Hacer dependencias        : cmake git ninja python range-v3 tl-expected
                            microsoft-gsl extra-cmake-modules gtk3 webkit2gtk
Opcional para             : purpose
Empaquetador              : Jiachen YANG <>
Fecha de creación         : 31/12/21
Fecha de instalación      : 03/01/22
Motivo de instalación     : Explícitamente instalado
Firmas                    : Sí

last time i activated managed only to get the activation code to the app installed on phone only, the dont send it to web-apps or desktop app

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that’s exactly what you have to do…the code received for security on the phone, you must enter it when the telegram-desktop application that you installed on pc asks for it (2nd screen after entering phone number)…do you understand?
congratulations…you almost have it.

The described thing is to log in on a 2nd device, in case you don’t have telegram installed, for example, on the mobile, then the first time, telegram makes a call that you must allow, then telegram sends message(code) by sms, which you then enter where you start application (manjaro or phone or tablet…).

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that’s why i need emulators i don’t have smart phone i use simple one , i try it on bluestacks and it work i just install Anbox and it doesn’t work i don’t know why it pop up like this and disappear !!!

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i need something form that telegram i guess i install win11 or Android-x86 on vm and thank you i really appreciate it :pray:

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