Telegram channel changes

The official Manjaro public channel should be a safe place for everyone to socialize and talk Linux while they have the chance to escape the current world for a few minutes. Since I don’t have time to manage channel moderation on a individual basis, I have setup an anti-spam and automatic ban bot. Bans are irreversible and go to a database, which means it’s applied on any Telegram group you might be active in. This might sound unfair but there is more important things to do that to manually moderate a channel.

How do you prevent being permanently banned? Don’t spam, don’t post political views and other things that should not be on a Linux channel.


It’s not a big deal to me because the chat isn’t really a big deal. The forums are more important, so as long as auto-bans don’t happen there then it’s probably fine.

Banning across multiple groups?
So a Manjaro admin has the power to ban people he/she/it not agrees with not only in the group you have your rules but other groups who have their rule?
How does that tecnically work and doesn’t that sound slightly totalitarian?

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I get your point, but try to get in their shoes:
there are some known troublemakers cross-platform who act in a way that infringes Manjaro’s policies/values, and we’re talking about people doing their bests at moderating a community in their spare time, not really as resourceful as Microsoft’s moderating department; I can see why automating anything that can be automated would be more efficient.

You misunderstand how bots work, I don’t ban people because I disagree with them, the bot bans people when they flood spam or scam, I only manually ban someone when they have 0 social skills, don’t know how to communicate with other humans on a acceptable level.

Its the same for the majority of telegram groups. If the admin/bot bans you (usally for spamming or excessive flaming) your account gets added to the list and adimin bots from other telegram groups access the list.

in short if you get banned from any telegram group period you’ll usually be banned from most telegram groups because of it

So in short to avoid bot malfunction it is strongly advised to get out of manjaro group asap? if here is no posssibility to revert the ban it might render the whole messenger useless.

Wow! Do you realize there are probably hundreds of Telegram channels for “a Linux fan”? :scream_cat:

This is the official Manjaro channel, so it’s only applicable to Manjaro fans and users.

Official Telegram channel was closed 10 Sep 2023