Tearing && Flickering

hey guys, i really struggle with every linux distro i use since i have an old laptop(lenovo touchpad T420) which u can guess is old and has an integated intel graphics 3000.
i already tried to play with the compositor settings but no effect, as well as trying to change kernel parameter which i read on arch wiki … but yes how can i solve this issue.
note: i am running Manjaro Kde with the latest kernel (i also tried old lts kernels but didn’t change anything)


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I have used T420 extensively - sold it several years back - but I had no issues with the intel gpu.

Have you tried using xorg config for intel?

Please use the search function - there is plenty of info available - and not every system is identical - search the forum for 20-intel.conf or intel tearing.

i have searched many many time and tried many solutions but nothing seems to work, i only find trouble with desktops like kde and gnome xfce seems stable when i used it, but i really can’t stand a normal desktop since i enjoy graphical animations and effects

i can’t find anything there about tearing or graphical issues

Check the troubleshooting section.

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so far i have added these options in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf

Section "Device"
   Identifier  "Intel Graphics"
   Driver      "intel"
   Option      "TripleBuffer" "true"
   Option      "TearFree"     "true"
   Option      "DRI"          "false"

i can’t tell yet if the tearing is gone but i will try to use the apps i use usually when it happens and then i can relate weather it is gone or not

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thank you very much i will try these options and see the results