Teamviewer not running because of no daemon running

That’s a new one. I can’t recall when it start but teamviewer does not start anymore complaining about daemon not started. I did start teamviewerd and it is listed has running but teamviewer still complain. No go.

Hey, welcome to Manjaro!! :blush: Once you have installed TeamViewer correctly from the AUR (either with pamac or yay etc.), activate the TeamViewer daemon by writing the following command in a terminal:
sudo systemctl enable teamviewerd --now
and confirm with your root user password user. edit by mod
Now TeamViewer should start. If not, restart your computer. After that, it should work.


Thank you very much. Yes I know about that service but for a strange reason, it will still complain. After a couple of install/reinstall, I finally got it going, on boot too. By the way what does “–now” actually do? “enable” is not instant ? Wait the “–now” also “start” the service right ?

Exactly, you estimated correctly. The argument --now ensures that not only is the automatic start of a service performed when the computer is booted, but also that the corresponding service is loaded immediately, so that a restart of the computer would not be required first.

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