Teamviewer/Anydesk not refreshing/updating screen form remote machine!

Both system is fully updated, including kernel and both system has the same version of the software. While connecting to remote machine via teamviewer or anydesk, remote machine took commands from my local machine like opening file manager or anything but nothing shows up in my end. The screen don’t update or refresh in teamviewer or anydesk UI. however when connecting from the remote machine to my local machine everything works just fine.

three reasons i could expect:

  1. Low bandwidth or high request time.
  2. composite or compiz effects are activated on the remote side.
  3. High CPU usage on the remote machine.

PS: Please put this into #support:applications :slight_smile:


number 1 and 3 is not the case confirmed, But why everything is working in reverse then?

Maybe ~/.anydesk/anydesk.trace could say more. With sudo teamviewer ziplog you get the logs of teamviewer.

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