Teamspeak 3 not in application starter

Heyho, hope i am right here. Somehow Newbie Corner seems to be gone and also i didnt have an account anymore for whatever reason.

I installed teamspeak 3 yesterday but it doesnt show up in my application starter. I know it is installed cause i can start it from the software center (or whatever it is called). But its kind of annoying to go through the software center every time i wanna use ts3. Anyone has a clue as to why it is like that?

i was searching for this problem before but tbh i am not even sure as to what i should search for.

Which package exactly did you install? If you don’t know the exact package name you can easily find out with
pamac list -i | grep team .

teamspeak3 3.5.3-1 community 222,4 MB

idk if that’s the information you needed?

Ok. Just wanted to make which package it was in the case you installed one of the AUR packages.

What it the output of cat /usr/share/applications/teamspeak3.desktop ?

[Desktop Entry]
Name=TeamSpeak 3
Comment=TeamSpeak is software for quality voice communication via the Internet
Exec=teamspeak3 %u
StartupWMClass=TeamSpeak 3

Odd. To test it I just installed it, but for me it was easily findable in the application launcher.
One thing i could think off that could help would be to add a keyword to the .desktop file.
I prepared a command for that. Otherwise I’m sadly out of ideas as i cannot reproduce the problem.
sudo printf "Keywords=teamspeak\n" >> /usr/share/applications/teamspeak3.desktop

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Try adding a semicolon after Application in the line of Categories.
See Desktop Menu Specification

it says i dont have the permission to do that. weirdly it doesnt even ask for my password

i am not sure where to add it. I went into the applications folder but didnt find anything to edit though. ts3 application doesnt seem to have anything in preferences either which i could edit.

I mean editing the file /usr/share/applications/teamspeak3.desktop
In this line:


Add a semicolon at the end, making it:



oh i didnt realize you could open the application like that in an editor. Well it worked, thx alot :smiley:

No worries. Better to report to the upstream so that they can fix the problem from the root.

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in the software center was an email displayed for the one who packed the ts3 application. No idea if he is the right guy to contact but i sent him an email about that.


I also report the bug at Arch package bug tracker. Hope it is the right place to go.

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