Teams via snapd, safe?

Hi all,
The title says it all.
I need to install the teams app via snapd.
Is that safe?
Edit - the main question is, what are snaps and how does that work?

You can also find Teams under AUR, if you feel better with that.

Otherwise I can’t help.
I personally have the AUR teams installed, but I rarely use it.


Snaps is a cross distro software package format developed and hosted by Canonical, is safer to use them or Flatpaks that it is to use AUR packages unless you understand PKGBUILD syntax and know how to audit them before you build.


This magick is foreing to me
Yea, I know, being a Manjaro user, I should know better.
If they are relatively safe to use, I’ll use ‘em.
Not that I like over-loading with stuff, but since the lil’ c is here, we have lessons online. So Teams is used for that.
If chromium would use xdg-open, it’d bebe a snap…I’d have camera. But, to no avail…
Even if xdg-utils is installed…

You can always check ho is the publisher for that application and then decide if you trust them or not, but the also goes for any package in any repo.

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I have been using this package: AUR (en) - teams

And it works perfect for me.

It does not have all the news of Teams, but for practical purposes everything works.

Alternatively, Teams Web can be used, with Chromium (Useful for video and document download operations)
I have used it for 7 months.


In a teammeetinfg, it needs xdg-open, and chromium does’nt find it…

Safe? It’s Microsoft!

No friend.

You can open the Microsoft Teams web app directly from the Chromium (or Chrome) browser.

The Teams Desktop application is basically nothing more than a wrapper with Electron.

Screenshot: Manjaro a MS Teams Browser use - Album on Imgur

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