TDR nova plugin

Does anyone know if you can use the TDR Nova plugin in Audacity?

There are only descriptions for Mac and Win.
Is it even possible on Linux?

I know nothing about TDM plugins; except to confirm they don’t appear to have Linux versions available.

However, the following links might potentially be of interest to you:


dynamic equalizer - LinuxMusicians

I had been using TDR Nova via LinVST for ages, but recently Auburn Sounds Lens (native Linux) instead for most things

Is there any way to scale wine VSTs up for 4K displays? - LinuxMusicians

With the release of some excellent Linux-native plugins I find I use Win plugins almost never these days. The only holdout for a while was TDR Nova dynamic EQ for which I couldn’t find a satisfactory native alternative. Now we have Auburn Sounds Lens which, while not an actual dynamic EQ, can be used for similar results.
Next time I install a new audio production system it won’t have any of that silly Wine stuff.

Hello @soundofthunder and @nikgnomic
thanks for the links. I am looking for a graphic equalizer for Audacity and also for Kdenlive to improve the sound of my video recordings. I’ll have a look through the links to see if there’s anything for me.

Before I look at alternatives, I would like to ask again:
Is it possible to use this TDR nova plugin on Linux? The instructions say that you have to insert its .dll.
Is this possible in Linux without Wine?

What instructions?

Being that a .dll file is a Windows dynamic link library container, it would require at least a Windows core system to exploit the functionality; and so, by extension, it’s rather useless without WINE, or some way to translate that functionality.

I don’t know whether Audacity has any built-in WINE-based capability to use a .dll file directly; my guess is that it does not. You might try contacting the Audacity Team for a definitive response, or perhaps consult the Audacity Manual.

Audacity recommends the Muse FX Plugin Suite. Perhaps you might find something more immediately compatible among the GNU/Linux Audio Plugins listed at Calf Studio Gear:


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Thank you for your thoughts.
This is the instruction that you have to insert the .dll:
Nachdem du das .zip Archiv entpackt hast, kopiere die Datei TDR Nova.dll in das Plugin-Verzeichnis von Audacity.

But ok, I’ll leave it, would have been nice, I’ll settle for alternatives.
Linux is worth it to me not to be able to do everything that is possible in this world (the world of Mac and Win).

Audacity has a built-in 32 band Graphic EQ but it cannot be loaded as a realtime effect

Audacity supports native Linux plugins (LADSPA, LV2) without need for WINE or LinVST:
Linux Studio Plugins Project - Graphic Equalizer x16, Graphic Equalizer x32
Calf Studio Gear - 5-Band Equalizer, 8-Band Equalizer, 12-Band Equalizer, 30-Band Equalizer

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Yes, I see. The article is obviously Windows-oriented; no mention of Linux at all; which is as expected. It’s a nice looking equalizer, too, without much of the fake-wood-grain appearance one might typically find in other comparable plugins.

Nonetheless, the Calf range seem more than adequate for most needs.


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Hello @soundofthunder and hello @nikgnomic
Basically, I’m looking for good audio tools for Kdenlive, my video editor of choice. With Steve Harris’ SWH plugins I at least have a usable compressor and equalizer.
Unfortunately, this program can’t do LV2 because it’s based on MLT, so Calv is out.

When I have to solve difficult tasks, I use Audacity, of course. I will try out these plugins there.

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Knowing that something doesn’t work is just as good as knowing how to do it.
Linux is great for me, even if you have some limitations. But it doesn’t restrict your life at all. It’s only when you spend ages looking for something that doesn’t exist anyway that I find very limiting.

Part of the inherent beauty of Linux is that there are (almost) always alternatives, even when not immediately apparent. Simply asking a few questions can often lead to a solution; or a deep, dark rabbit-hole from which you eventually return, still having learnt something in the process.

So, yes, I agree.


Yes, I started using Linux almost three years ago, after 30 years of Windows - and cursed endlessly. But in the meantime, the joy has far outweighed the frustration.

I’m so glad I stuck with it. Without the forum, I would certainly have despaired and returned to MS.
It’s nice that there are people who enjoy sharing.

From that I guess you would have to use the Windows version of Audacity
installed via wine (or some enhanced version of it)
not the Linux version.
Then you could probably follow this recipe.

the above means:
after having unpacked the .zip archive, copy the .dll to the plugin directory

Of course I have Windows on my dual-boot computer - but I want to use it as little as possible. Mainly for firmware updates for my microphone and a flash unit.
This TDR nova is certainly great, but basically I want to edit my audio tracks right away with Kdenlive.
I will go the way that Linux offers. Still have to find the right plugins - or work with a less convenient equalizer, as I do now.
I have now learned that the .dll cannot be used directly in Linux - that’s ok for me.

Audio Effects — Kdenlive Manual 24.05 documentation

tap-plugins includes TAP Equalizer

calf-ladspa is available from AUR

Hello nikgnomic,
yes, I use,

ap-plugins includes TAP Equalizer

it is ok, but not very good.

calf-ladspa is available from AUR

I have just installed these and am very excited about them, because the normal Calf never worked with Kdenlive, (now I know why: Lv2).

Oh dear, Calf is quite complicated, everything I try in a hurry just makes the sound disappear - nothing more to hear. But they could be very good tools - if you know how to use them. That will probably take some time.