Taskbar widget glitch/bug

I’ve been experiencing a glitch/bug (idk which term is technically correct :laughing:) with the applet which shows internal storage usage.
I like to have it on my taskbar, however, I always have to add it twice and then remove one of them (because the first one doesn’t show up and just wastes space on my taskbar).
I don’t think that’s something related to how I use my OS, because I encounter it always when I install Manjaro or Arch with KDE Plasma - even on a completely fresh and clean OS like five minutes after installing it.
It probably is a problem that should be solved by the KDE team, however, I’m not 100% sure whether I’m not actually making some kind of a silly mistake that makes this happen… :cry:

Since you mention Arch - I happen to have a pristine installation of Arch using Plasma - and adding the disk usage widget to the taskbar only needs adding once.

When adding a widget - don’t double click the widget - single click is enough :slight_smile:

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that would make sense
because I have more widgets (Individual core usage - I have only two cores without multithreading - RAM and swap usage, thermal monitors for CPU, MOBO, GPU, SSD and so on), I need to make a layout so I don’t click the widgets, rather than drag and drop them
If I click it, it works for the first time, however, if I drag and drop it, I have to do it twice

I was just wondering whether anyone knows why this thing happens, because it certainly isn’t a normal behavior
Just this morning, I installed Arch with Plasma on my laptop and this thing (which I discovered quite some time ago on Manjaro) appeared again so I figured I’d ask :slightly_smiling_face:

It could be a shell issue, not updating your profile from config files immediately. I am sure your config file has the widget correctly.
Have you tried to logout and logon again after adding just one widget when this issue happens?
Or maybe also try to execute plasmashell --replace from krunner when this happens and see whether the widget sticks.

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You’re right
The conclusion would be that if you want to see the widget working immediately, you need to add it with just a click. If you drag it, you need to do it twice.
If you don’t mind logging out and back in, you can do it in whichever way you want and after the next login it will work just as it should
Thank you all :slightly_smiling_face:

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