Taskbar is gone

Hello Manjaro Forum,

I’m at the brink of changing the OS just for one and one reason only:

after a few boots the taskbar is completely missing, no icons, no weather widgets, no start button, nothing not even the blank taskbar itself is visible.

-Is there are way to restore the taskbar ?
-is there a config file somewhere where I can setup a regular backup to at least have the option to restore it after it crashes again ?

you are my last hope, thank you very much!

Right click the desktop, and add panel.


We’re your last hope? :grin:

  • Go to a TTY

  • Log in there

  • Execute

    useradd thepete2
  • exit from the TTY

  • Log in to the new user

  • is the Launcher back there?


that just brings back the standard panel without my pinned programs, weather widgets and stuff…
that’s actually the problem I don’t want to customize my taskbar every week as it is very time consuming.

thank you for your help!
I tried that but that just brings a blank panel.

Is there some kind of config file for the panel?

What do you mean by “blank panel”: the standard, default panel that works???


yes exactly! It brings back the panel and it’s useable but all of my pinned programs are gone, my custom start button, weather widgets, icons…

OK, good!

  • Now add only your pinned programs
  • tomorrow add the custom start button
  • Day after tomorrow one weather widget
  • etc.

Every day: shut down your machine…

When it stops working yet again that’s the widget that’s causing the problem!


  • Remove that again
  • File a bug report to its author


and yes sorry I should have been more clear: bringing it back works and in fact it always has worked.
I don´t even need to switch users to create a new panel.

The problem is just that I my customized panel disappears after a few reboots

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