Task Manager Showing Duplicate Icons

I can’t remove the first two duplicate icons. First screenshot is a hover. Second screenshot is the right click menu for the first icon. Third screenshot is the right click menu for the third and original icon.

I relogin does not fix the issue. Even if a relogin or restart fixes this bug, it is nonetheless a bug. I can’t embed media items in posts??? WHY?

Can you upload the screenshots to imgur?

Enter “Edit Mode”.

Remove the two icons (i.e, “launchers”).

Exit “Edit Mode”.

Thanks, why does that widget exist or is even possible to exist if it’s just a more limited icon shortcut.

Because you added it? :person_shrugging:

As in why does the widget exist, not why is it on the task manager. I know I somehow added it, but if the widget is just a limited icon then why was it even possible? Firefox isn’t a widget that’s addable via the menu, so obviously, a misclick or my palm added the widget…

Because some people prefer a traditional immutable single-application launcher that does not dynamically change based on the application’s status / multiple instances.

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