Task manager Nth entry shortcuts not working for Czech locale

Holding down the Meta key and pressing the 1-9 buttons to switch between opened tasks (as in Windows) is not working for me using Czech layout variants. The shortcuts menu in the system settings has all the default Meta+N shortcuts enabled but they don’t have any effect. Adding custom bindings with Meta+N keys displays Czech characters instead of letters, and adding only 1 as a custom shortcut works, which displays as Meta++ because Czech keyboard accented letters start with 2. If I switch to a US layout after binding the +, it continues to work as it should, but I cannot bind the rest of the keys. Adding 2 and higher as a custom shortcut with the Czech layout does not work, as it types ě instead, curiously displayed as an uppercase Ě. When switching to a US layout and then adding a custom binding, the menu shows a Meta+1, which does not work anymore.

I use two layouts: Czech QWERTY and Czech Coder which copies the US QWERTY layout and replaces the alphanumeric keys (except 1 which is still 1) with Czech accented letters while holding down the right Alt key. I use the same layouts setup on my laptop with Manjaro KDE aswell, installed last summer, where the shortcuts worked until the newest stable update. Now it’s the same as on my desktop, where I couldn’t get it working since I fresh installed Manjaro last November. Swapping the default layout has no effect.

~ >>> locale                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
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Same issue with the french_belgian layout (fr_BE). The accented letters é/2, è/7, ç/9 and à/0 fail to be recognized as shortcuts and the letter are typed instead if the cursor is in a text entry box (e.g. messaging app). When configuring the shortcut it’s displayed as the uppercase accented letters as Hyperion pointed out.
Any help would be welcomed :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. Same here and my workaround is that I remapped +F1, +F2, … +F6 to accomplish the same for my 6 desktops.

That way:

  • I can go up to 12 if I ever need that many desktops.
  • It works both in AZERTY and QWERTY If I change from one to the other.


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