Task manager icons position

how do i move the icon in the icons-only task manager?
I have succeeded in moving it. but after I open the software, the icon always returns to its place.
i have tried removing all the icons then organizing them. but the results still move.
Does anyone know how to move the icon so that it doesn’t return to its place?

thank you

With the disclaimer that I’m not using the icons-only task manager, try right-clicking it and select “More Actions”, and then “Configure Task Manager”.

There is an option there for sorting. It may be set to “alphabetical” or something. Set it to “manual”. And also make sure that “Keep Launchers separate” is not ticked.


Thank you for your help.
I tried to go through the configuration but there was no option like to sort the icons.

I’m not sure but I now seem to remember that there was an issue with the icons-only task manager, and that it was fixed for an upcoming release. It just doesn’t appear to have made it into 5.19.4 yet.

As an alternative ─ in case you really can’t live with this behavior ─ you could install Latte Dock*. But that’s up to you, of course. :wink:

I need this widget because the win + numbers shortcut really helps speed up my work hehe
ok, thanks for help… :pray:

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