Target not found - can't install or remove packages anymore

For some reason I’m unable to install or remove any packages. All I get is the target not found error.

In this particular case there seems to be some problem with libpdfium-nojs, and this error popped up when I tried to install yacreader after a previous uninstall a couple days ago. Now it happens for any package, whether it’s from the repository or AUR.

Edit1: I’m using the XFCE desktop and pamac.
Edit2: using the pamac build yacreader command in terminal yielded the same result.

Any help would be appreciated.

You might need to update everything first. The AUR support for pamac was changed a bit.
If it also happens for official packages, your databases are outdated or missing.

sudo pacman-mirrors -g -f5
pamac upgrade --force-refresh
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I ran the two commands, I still end up with the target not found error.

Please post the complete output, libpdfium-nojs exist and need to be installed before yacreader

The Add/Remove Software app fails the same way as the terminal command, and I’m given to understand that dependencies are automatically installed first anyway.

$ pamac build yacreader
Checking yacreader dependencies...
Checking libunarr dependencies...
Checking pdfium-binaries-v8 dependencies...
Checking pdfium-binaries dependencies...
Checking libpdfium-nojs dependencies...
Choose a provider for libpdfium:
1:  libpdfium-nojs      4692.r1.41be7e25df-1  AUR
2:  pdfium-binaries     4835-1                AUR
3:  pdfium-binaries-v8  4835-1                AUR

Enter a number (default=1): 1

Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To install (2):
  qt5-quickcontrols     5.15.2-1              (Required By: yacreader)  extra  954.5 kB
  qt5-graphicaleffects  5.15.2-1              (Required By: yacreader)  extra  74.8 kB
To build (3):
  libunarr              1.0.1-1                                         AUR
  libpdfium-nojs        4692.r1.41be7e25df-1                            AUR
  yacreader             9.8.2-1                                         AUR

Total download size: 1.0 MB
Total installed size: 5.5 MB

Edit build files : [e] 
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N] y

Error: Failed to prepare transaction: target not found: libpdfium-nojs

Seems a pamac bug, use another AUR helper or makepkg

by the way the xfce tag is not relevant to the issue since the problem is related to the DE

Is it possible that the bug is related to google chrome? The error happened after chrome got updated.

You could use another AUR helper like paru or yay.

I tested installing yacreader (on a vm) and had success (build & execution) with pamac.

===> pamac build yacreader
Checking yacreader dependencies...
Checking libunarr dependencies...
Resolving dependencies...
Warning: cannot resolve "libpdfium", a dependency of "yacreader"
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:
- unable to satisfy dependency 'libpdfium' required by yacreader

Edit build files : [e] 
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N]

I selected “e” and changed libpdfium to libpdfium-nojs on the line below. It could be built separately.

depends=(‘qt5-base’ ‘qt5-multimedia’ ‘qt5-quickcontrols’ ‘qt5-graphicaleffects’ ‘qt5-svg’ ‘hicolor-icon-theme’ ‘libunarr’ ‘libpdfium’)


  • Searched for libpdfium at AUR (en) - Packages
    • There is only a libpdfium-nojs.
  • Reviewed AUR (en) - yacreader
    • Specifically the PKGBUILD and the comments
    • Note: I got a “404 Page Not Found” when I clicked “Git Clone URL:”

A couple of observations:

  • I got different results between yesterday and today. When I first tried pamac yesterday I got the same output as OP (pamac --version shows 10.3.0-4 - libpamac 11.2.0).
  • The difference between yay and pamac seems to be that pacmac looks for the exact name, while yay looks for packages that begin with the name. So yay recognized there was libunarr and libunarr-git (thus a prompt), and that only libpdfium-nojs exists, even though the build calls for libpdfium (just used it). I liked the pamac way of doing things.
  • I didn’t think I was taxing the AUR limit (I try to be careful), but I evidently did :frowning: Or did I… yay came back with a “response decoding failed: invalid character” but pamac had no problem.

I hope this helps.