Tagging Files on External EXT4 Hard Drive

So I have a few external drives formatted as EXT4. If I am in my home directory, and hit control F I can search by tags. But it only shows whats on the internal OS drive.

On my external drives if I apply a tag I can’t search for them even on just that drive.
if I hit control F there is not a tab menu that shows up like on my OS drive.

My Home OS is set up on an EXT4 filesystem.

Ideally I would like to pull up my tags from my home directory, to see all tags on all attached devices. Not entirely sure if this how its suppose to work or not but fingers crossed it is. Any help would be great.

Kernel 6.138 Plasma 5.27.6

Check System Settings => Search => File Search to see if you are indexing your external drives. The default is to only index internal drives. If an external drive isn’t being indexed, click on " :heavy_plus_sign: Start indexing a folder" to add it.

*Note: if you do have to add the external drives, it may take a little while for them to be indexed if they have a lot of files on them.


What do you mean by “tag”?

Click the drive in Dolphin, press ctrl+f and make sure “from here” is selected and type in your search criteria.

this worked for me. Thank you Very Much. Much Appreciated, I actually selected my Plex Drive for this and saw them showing up on a reboot this morning. However not on my other drives. So I added them to the Index, gonna reboot later and see if the new ones show up. Thank you.

if you have tags on the system, and control F in dolphin this pops up on my OS drive, but doesn’t pop up on the external drives.

Just be aware that indexing can eat up space, make sure to keep an eye on the baloo indexer file.

But thank you for teaching me about the tag thing, I had no idea it even existed. :smiley:

If everything works for you now, feel free to mark @scotty65 answer as the sollution so other ppl quickly can find the solution when searching the forum.

i didnt even think about it taking up space… Do you happen to know where I might check on that file size or where it would be? there pretty decent sized drives, 2 8tb drives and 3 4tb drives.

System Settings > Search > File Search

balooctl indexSize

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