Tablet-PC screen turning off and Touchscreen randomly ceasing Function

I am relatively new to Linux in general, since i just recently installed it on my Laptop.
When I wanted to make my old Tablet-PC, running Windows 10, which was obviously way too much for it to handle, more usable again, I decided to install a copy of Manjaro Gnome on it. It worked really well at first but not soon after having it installed, I immediately got some Issues/bugs.
When using the device normally, it goes to sleep mode after about 30 seconds, even if I move the mouse/touch the screen. Since this does happen every time and i always have to log back in, it pretty much makes the device unusable.
Also, sometimes certain parts of the UI stop responding to the touchscreen after having used the touchscreen a little. Like I can still drag around Windows on the Desktop but the Taskbar will stop responding to any touch input at all.
For Reference, the exact Model of the Tablet is a Terra Pad 1062.
Thanks for Helping!